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Jane Griffiths - Fiddle & Viola

Colin Fletcher - Guitar

Jim Penny - Concertina

Owl Light Trio are an instrumental group based in Oxfordshire.


We take good tunes to pieces and put them back together again. 


Sometimes the insides end up on the outside.


At other times the tunes will seem to go back together seamlessly, until we find a stray note or two in a pocket or under the sofa.


Tunes treated in this way often reveal hidden passageways, trapdoors, overgrown gardens and forgotten attics. When these turn up we like to explore them thoroughly.


On occasion, reconstructed tunes have been known to unfold in dramatic and unpredictable ways, but nobody has ever been harmed as a result.


The tunes come from a variety of sources. Some are traditional tunes from Britain, Ireland or Europe. Many are our own compositions.


Jane uses a fiddle or a viola when handling tunes. This technique appears to be particularly effective and Jane is sought after as a performer, teacher, music editor and session musician. She performs and records with Duotone and the Two Piece Orchestra. She is an expert in the correct use of the semi-colon.


Colin has many years experience dismantling and reassembling objects. This makes him eminently qualified to play acoustic guitar in the Owl Light Trio. Aficionados of experimental culinary sound art will know him from the Sonic Catering Band.


Jim once grew a giant pumpkin weighing 12 st. He lives on the Street of Concertinas, under the Sign of the Hexagon.

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